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How do you get (and prefer) to get your news from SWL?

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Hey folks,

SpaceWeatherLive aims to bring you the latest space weather news as fast and accurately as possible. We have a couple of ways of doing that. Arguably our biggest strength are the automated alerts trough the Android/iOS app and those automated alerts are being pushed to our international and Dutch feed Twitter as well. Occasionally we do send out a handwritten tweet. On Facebook we post handwritten news updates and the same goes for our handwritten news items on the website which are also available trough a mailing list.

Plenty to choose from but out of curiously, which of these services do you use and prefer? Do you follow all of our channels to get your news? Do you just prefer the alerts perhaps or do you much rather only follow the handwritten articles on the site and/or Facebook?

The Facebook news item are an easy and quick way to reach a large audience and the news items for the website are reserved for the bigger and more important events. They also take more time to make as these items usually handle major space weather events which we do thorough research on.

That is at least the thinking behind the two options that we got. Quick and short on Facebook. Major news on the website. Do you prefer to have it this way? Quick and short news items on Facebook and only important news ends up on the news section on the website? Would you also prefer less important news (shorter articles) as a news item on the website so what ends up on Facebook pretty much mirrors the news on the site and skip larger more thorough articles?

Let us know your comments and suggestions!

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Tbh I like it the way it is (major news on website, minor on Facebook, automated tweets)

However I personally only follow the website news and sometimes the Facebook, I don’t use the Twitter alerts because I get the SWL push notifications on all my devices.

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