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Region 3086

Drax Spacex

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12 minutes ago, Drax Spacex said:

AR3086 is curiously close to, if not almost completely enveloped by, a coronal hole.  Could this affect the AR's development in terms of size, number of sunspots, or magnetic configuration?



Drax Spacex: I noticed it also.

The sunspot appears as an island inside the coronal hole doesn't it?

A coronal hole is a temporary region of relatively cool, less dense plasma in the solar corona where the Sun's magnetic field extends into interplanetary space as open magnetic field lines carried away by the solar wind in a spiral formation. Magnetic fields in a sunspot of an active region loop back on themselves. All solar activity is driven by the underlying solar magnetic field. 

As sunspots tend to suppress high-speed solar winds and some of the highest speed winds flow out from coronal holes, then sunspots would IMO act as a damper on the solar wind emanating from the CH

I haven't read anything about CH's impacting Sunspot development, but I haven't read everything! 




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The magnetic field lines of an AR within a CH looks like a sea anemone or an anemone flower.

There is at least one paper that uses the decriptive moniker "anemone" for an active region within a coronal hole:  "Source-region characteristics of anemone active regions in the ascending phase of solar cycle 24 - Astronomy & Astrophysics".

AR3086 development perhaps has remained stable with only beta magnetic configuration as a consequence of being fully contained within the CH, in contrast to the unstable regions AR3089 and AR3088 on either side of it.

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