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Coronal Hole 2022 10/+4 G2 - a Direct Hit?

Drax Spacex

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8 hours ago, Drax Spacex said:

G2 storming currently due to the CH HSS from the transequatorial coronal hole assigned number 10 by SWPC.  We talk about direct hits and glancing blows from CMEs, but could this be considered a direct hit from a coronal hole?  It seems to be the case!

Lol it surprised a few punters, maybe there was a little something else embedded in the solar wind? Like a golf ball? (JOKE)

Also there was a very slow moving CME a few days ago but I didn't see the modelling for this not sure if this contributed to CH effects.


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38 minutes ago, Drax Spacex said:

I do wonder if the square shape of this CHconsidering the well-defined N-S edge along the western side of the CHgave rise to a stronger, broader, more abrupt CIR.

Well, I actually don’t see any CIR. When you look at density, the prevailing characteristic of CIRs, there is no large spike as would be associated with a CIR, and certainly not a strong one

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