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Solar Activity June 18 2022

Gerard Cauchi

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Hi Gerald,

Thank you for posting the awesome images! I take you are please with the Daystar Prominence Filter… ive been looking at the Daystar Quark Chromosphere Filter.  What made you go with the Prominence filter?

Im also curious, what are you using for an ERF? Actually, I’d be interested to know your whole image train. I was under the impression that you really need an ERF in front of the primary mirror on an SCT. Given that the quark has its own blocking filter, what are you using to protect your primary and secondary mirrors?

I have a little WO Gran Turismo 71mm. Right now I’m just using an ND 5.0 filter in front of the objective along with a number of filters. All I can see is the photosphere. I do find that some of my nebulae filters (OIII, SII, H-a(12nm), UHC, Continuum, etc.) increase the contrast and definition at times.

Strangely enough, yesterday wasn’t one of those days! I got the best views with just a White Light filter. I was stunned at how dark, contrasted and well defined several of the sunspot groups were. Particularly, 3030, 3032, 3034, 3035 & 3038, although 3035 faded quickly as the morning wore on! Today, they don’t seem to be as dark, visually.  I broke out the TV ethos 21mm, 100mm eyepiece. I have to say, it’s the finest eyepiece I’ve ever used! So clean and sharp, no discernible aberration all the way to the edge (no focal reducer).  

I also have an ES ED127mm, and the 21mm ethos is impressive on it as well. You really do just “fall right in”.  I have been wanting to try it out on a larger scope - like a C11.  I think, next week, I’ll be able to try it with an 18” CST.  Maybe even with the sun. 

But I digress!

I know, I tend to talk too much! Sorry…

Thanks again for posting the pics! Do you have any other filters, like Ca K-line, Mg, SII, etc? Please post more!  I would really have liked to have taken some,white light pictures yesterday. I just picked up the asi183mc pro. I’m hoping to have it going in the next couple of weeks. The Daystar Chromosphere is next on my list!



Oh, and Gerald, welcome! We have a pretty good group of people here, it’s a nice place to hang…


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4 hours ago, Jenjn said:

Amazing photos. I would love to get into something like this. Does anyone know if there is already a post on different telescopes/filters people are using? 

Hi Jenjn,

I dont know of one here and it’s a lot more than you can put into a post…

You can start on the forums on CloudyNights.com - they have a few sections on solar viewing, telescopes, filtering systems and lots more…

Warning: Highly Addictive!




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