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Very fast CME anticipated?


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Hello 🙂 

I just read this tweet from someone that works at Met (i think) spaceweather office. Did i miss something? More than 1000km/s ? i believe noaa did not say anything? Also why only g1-g2 with such high speed? Anyways for you aurora watchers stay alert :) 


additional info: Noaa writes in their forecast

The CME from the 29/0730 UTC M-flare was reanalyzed with a potential
glancing blow at Earth early on 02 May.


I do think they mean this one? 


but here : https://kauai.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov/CMEscoreboard/

it says it will hit tonight/tomorrow morning ? Thats MUCH faster. only 31h travel time.. why only kp 5-7 ?

also noaa didnt even model it i think? here is nasa model but its not pausable so i dont know when they expect imapct..  https://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?timestamp=2038-01-23+00%3A44%3A00&window=-1&cygnetId=261

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51 minutes ago, Marcel de Bont said:

It is this one but I do not think it will arrive


Yeah, confidence ranges from 75% to 20%..

I'm just wondering why it is only 5-7 KP-wise but so damn fast? :D 

Initially Noaa did say it will not arrive, but apparently the model got a rerun. (Posted it above)


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