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AR2962, faculae becomes spotty...

Chris, HB9DFG

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"What the fac(ulae)!" I thought when watching carefully the EUVI or AIA 131 pictures. Why is the faculae region at the northeastern limb side

now much brighter than spot number 2957 or 2960? Tadaaaa...the reason is - it's developing quite quickly and it has become spotty now! 🙂

Regards, Chris


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  • Chris, HB9DFG changed the title to AR2962, faculae becomes spotty...

This AR is the old AR2941, which produced a couple of M flares on the last pass.

It is interesting to compare the image as it left the west limb


with the image today on the east limb


It seems that it covers a larger area in the image this time, but it still has the faculae on the leading edge. However, the recorded data gives a slightly different perspective-

AR2941, 4th Feb - Location N25E62, produced 1 C flare, Size 280, 6 spots

AR2961, 5th Mar - Location N25E57, produced 4 B and 3 C flares, Size 30, 2 spots

It will be interesting to see how it develops this time round.

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Ok ok ok.  let’s get with it AR s!  contest?? you bet!!

4 minutes ago, hamateur 1953 said:

Ok ok ok.  let’s get with it AR s!  contest?? you bet!!

I have it!!! musical accompaniment!  The symphonic beauty that was chosen for the halloween storms of 2003 on you tube. If you haven’t yet watched this, you should! Im silly but this was the coolest rendering i’ve ever seen!!

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