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Creating Solar activity topics

Vancanneyt Sander

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To keep the solar activity forum a bit more clear and more easily to track discussions on sunspot regions we have a few tips:

  • Only make a topic if there is no ongoing discussion about an active region
  • If there is not yet a topic about a sunspot region, go ahead and start a topic about the region
  • When you want to post about a solar flare, ongoing activity, CME, spot evolution ... please post it in the topic of the sunspot region

Topics about the same sunspot region will be merged by the moderators.

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Addition to this: please do not title topics for an AR with what it was called last rotation, if applicable. It makes it really hard to find the topic for a spot on the sun when you forgot which old spot it was weeks ago. 

If the AR is not on the Earthside or doesn’t have a designation yet, you can use the old number, but once it gets a new official designation please change it to that. You can do so by editing your first post if you were the person who started the thread, or ask a moderator to do it. 


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