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Sam Warfel
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When in the archive on the page for a given month (where it shows the calendar, and the overview of solar flares and daily kp indices), I think it would be handy to list all the SWL news articles from that month.  There typically wouldn't be very many at all, so it wouldn't be overwhelming, and it would save having to either go to the news section and slog way far back, or go into the daily level of archives and page through the days until I find them.

For example, say I want to find news articles on the CME and hoped-for Geomagnetic activity of early last December.  I don't know when it was, so I'd have to guess and go through all the days until I found the ones with the news.

Since there aren't too many news articles per month, I think it would be a nice overview to have those on the month page.
Just a suggestion, no pressure

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The news items are shown not on the month view but the day view. Finding them is relatively easy: days with strong flares and >=G1 (if you don’t see the flare/Kp per day in the calendar on your phone, turn it to landscape mode 😉)

PS.: when you have a very busy month, displaying the news items could become a long list 😉 

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