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Why is the Bz trending south?

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This is normal, the direction of the IMF can always fluctuate. The IMF is not linear and acts in waves with different directions. See our article in the help section to learn more about the IMF.

with shock passages IMF always flips back and forth between north and south before it takes a dominant direction (dominant doesn’t mean it will be always one direction!).

to conclude: IMF always fluctuates 😉

ps: look at the fluctuations between midnight and 2 UTC, back and forth north to south several times 😉

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1 hour ago, Solarflaretracker200 said:

What is going on?


Seems so sudden. Did Bz choose it just go south for no reason or what?

(Sorry for the horrible wording) 


It could also still be due to the recent CME impact, which didn’t do much for the solar wind speed but had some very strong magnetic fields. At least I think that’s possible, @Vancanneyt Sander would know

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2 hours ago, Solarflaretracker200 said:

It dipped southward pretty strong. About -14.56 is the lowest I saw. 

Yeah it was strong, but it didn’t stay south nearly as long as it did north, so not much was able to kick up. 

(edit: it’s in a prolonged and decently strong southward trend right now, not as strong at like ~-7, but still active, the hemispheric power reached 50. )

2 hours ago, Christopher S. said:

Alarmist thread title, btw

Kinda minimodding tbh but true, “cause for southward BZ?” or “Why is the BZ trending south?” would have been a bit better and much more descriptive titles 

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Current south BZ
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