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This looks odd

Christopher S.

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I couldn't tell you what the cause of this is. Did the graphic for the bars change, and I just didn't notice, which also coincided with a drop-off in data? Or is there a bug here?

Either way, this graphic has had issues displaying continuous data for a few months now. Do you guys happen to know the reason for the drop-offs?

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Yesterday it was my mistake from a code change that suddenly prevented it from updating and after a quick fix it continued to add data again but with a huge gap between the data. 

the issues of the past month are the fault of SWPC that has issues with their data feeds. That’s something we can’t change 🤷‍♂️

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Yes, that one is fixed today 🙂. As you can see, there was old data added because the SWPC still has issues on their end giving out old data instead of recent data. So we have several fixes now in place that prevent old data from getting added and screw up everything. We do hope SWPC will fix things on their end.

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