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Your Opinion on the moving Northpole?

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Ive read up on a topic today ; The moving nordpole. Or rather..splitting?

Is it something to worry about? Like , an imminent pole reversal ? 

It is very hard to find reliable information on that topic because of the 1000 fearmongering youtubers. 

I try not to get scared but it's hard if someone is literally blaring in your face that we're all gonna die and our magnetic shield is too weak. :D 

Basically it all says that our magnetic shield is getting very weak and it doesnt take a big CME to attack the grids.
I usually thought thats bogus and very exaggerated but I'm not so sure.. I'm very sensitive when it comes to irrational Anxiety.  :< 


While we now appear to be in a period of declining magnetic field strength, we cannot state for certain if or when a magnetic reversal will occur. Based on measurements of the Earth's magnetic field taken since about 1850 some paleomagnetists estimate that the dipole moment will decay in about 1,300 years. However, the present dipole moment (a measure of how strong the magnetic field is) is actually higher than it has been for most of the last 50,000 years and the current decline could reverse at any time. Even if Earth's magnetic field is beginning a reversal, it would still take several thousand years to complete a reversal. We expect Earth would still have a magnetic field during a reversal, but it would be weaker than normal with multiple magnetic poles. Radio communication would deteriorate, navigation by magnetic compass would be difficult and migratory animals might have problems.

This is from Noaa's geomagnetic FAQ.
Does this sound good? I mean, nothing to worry for me then? ^-^ 

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To MinYoongi:


Please, please, please stay away from those You-Tubers! They obviously have a bad affect on you.

It is true that the magnetic north pole is shifting towards Siberia a little faster lately than in the recent past.

However, it's nothing for you or I to worry about, especially in our lifetime.

There are risks from so many other natural things that we understand and deal with every day, but please don't worry about them either!

Keep smiling!

PS My greatest fear about all this is that Santa might get lost bringing my Xmas presents, specially all the way down to Australia.  😄😄



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We already talked about this on the forum and we have to repeat ourselves… and that was also because of a YouTube spreading false information and fearmongering and “all for the views”

a correct article about it can be found at NASAhttps://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012-poleReversal.html

after reading that, you’ll be fine. even if the poles would switch or further weaken. The rate of weakening is so slow that it would take thousands of years to get to the lowest part and the Earth has survived dips in the past. Nothing is constant in life, so is the magnetic field strengthening and weakening over time and with poles never on the same place and we still survive.

the only thing we should be worried about with magnetic field weakening is that satellites could get harmed more quickly. ESA has the SWARM mission to learn more about that, see: https://www.esa.int/Applications/Observing_the_Earth/Swarm/Swarm_probes_weakening_of_Earth_s_magnetic_field

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You two are probably right.

I'm just in general a very anxious person.


But anxiety aside, i think its mesmerizing that satellites in the orbit can help us measure our Earth's magnetshield! I watched a short documentary about the SWARM Project and its fantastic.

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