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2021-06-30 EPAM data lines up with 1,000% spike in home geiger counter


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Imgur link for screenshots:


I was browsing Reddit and noticed a post in r/homeautomation. This individual from Canada had installed a geiger counter in an outside location for 24/7 monitoring. At 9:21 UTC, he noticed a nearly 1,000% spike in counts per minute, lasting approximately 5 minutes. This geiger counter only detects Beta and Gamma radiation. Would this have anything to do with the spike in the EPAM data, at the same time, on the same date? I am by no means as knowledgeable as many of you, I was just wondering if there was any possible correlation. Thanks!


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Such a small increase in low energy proton density is not detectable on earth surface. That would require a major SPE, which in turn can be detected on earth through secondary neutrons. Which is a rare event, called Ground Level Enhancement (GLE). But there was none.


In a radioactivity monitor that I once serviced, a literal bug caused a short circuit on the HV side of the geiger-muller tube, which caused a sudden spike in the reading:


But generally speaking, such readings should be taken serious and the cause would have to be investigated. But the sun wasn't the cause.

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