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Unexpected Solarwind Data ?


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The last few days nothing really happened as far as I remember. 

But the IMF has been at -7 for a few hours now.

Altough, I see no spike in density or speed 🤔

Could this be a small coronal hole or solar sectory boundry crossing? Or just a burp in the solar wind?


Since its nowhere near night where I am i cannot hope for aurora 😅

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10 hours ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

Small CH, see our alert of 5 days ago 😉

Ah, the only thing I did not check, of course. :'D

I looked at spaceweather.com because usually they have a map with geoeffective CH's but I think this one was only picked up by you guys.

Thanks alot for the answer :D 

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