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question about pulsation measurement kiruna

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hello swl community

i dont understand something on the kiruna magnetometers site, and since almost everything but this is explained here, i'll ask here:) and hope for somebody helping me , perhaps even upgrading the kiruna magnetometer help site here with your answers?

so here my Q: on the kiruna magnetometer site there is a window for pulsation measurement. sometimes, like on the 26. april 2021, in the morning between 11+12am, there are 2 horizontal lines appearing. why is this?

pls throw links at me and explanations i should read, go into details, np, i wanna know and learn:)

thx a lot in advance for your help


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i've never loooked at those plots :D okay so it's about frequency in hertz so these are measurements in the radio spectrum. As you browse through older data the same horizontal lines return within the same timeframe. So most likely something is interfering with the readings. It could be that they check the magnetometer every x days within that timewindow to check on things and that can lead to those readings. To find what it really is, maybe an email to the IRF can help.

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hi again

so i asked the irf and they kindly responded:

"We have now investigated the anomalies you observed e.g 26 April.
This is and artefact due to exploration work carried out by the mining
company up here LKAB in order to look for ore deposits."

and he gave a cool link to find more (network) magnetometers near you:


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