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Hobart, Australia magnetometer no longer transmitting data

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Hobart appears to be either broken or no longer publishing updated information. It may be under some sort of maintenance, but this same thing happened when it was the Launceston magnetometer - just went dark and stayed that way. I believe it's been a bit over a week since it went dark.


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3 hours ago, Kundalini said:

Norfolk, Launceston, Hobart, Davis all down....Earthquakes and eruptions increasing in the area significantly. Anyone seen the poles lately? Shifting still?




Their cosmic ray equipment is down too, as well as the other 4 stations I posted above. Odd eh, things that make you go.. hmmm ;) ' I am Destroyer of sorts ' - Elon (Reeve) Musk.


Uhhh, yeah.... I posted here in "Web news and support" because not having a working S-Hemisphere magnetometer on SWL is something I imagine Vancanneyt or Marcel would want to know about. This isn't a conspiracy dump.

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17 minuten geleden, Kundalini zei:

I thought I was contributing to your findings in an effort of genuine help, my sincerest apologies you felt it was a conspiracy, albeit just a coincidence. Keep up the great work!

A magnetometer that’s been down has nothing to do with earthquakes. Please be on topic on discussions!

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@Vancanneyt SanderSo the magnetometer isn't actually down and is still being updated, but for some reason, it's only showing a blank template from March 11th. When you tap on the image it shows what's supposed to be there. Here's what that looks like: D0sMPA5.png

So the blank image is hosted at this URL: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/images/magnetometers/Hobart.gif

The correct image is at the proper host URL: https://www.sws.bom.gov.au/Images/Geophysical/Latest Conditions/Magnetograms/Hobart.gif

Just wanted to let you know what I discovered!

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