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It's difficult to do that, we would need a very huge server to get all those images on there as well ;) 
At least there are several ways to know from which region a flare originated from, not only AIA 094 but also GOES SUVI 094 and PROBA. Once SWPC assigns a flare we update our tables and charts with the flare and region. 

But, i forgot about something :P in our alerts, when there is a strong solar flare > M1 we do try to auto-detect the source and if we have a match it will be stated in our alerts (app+twitter+site).

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I like the idea but from a practical stand point it's pretty much impossible for us to do such a thing. As Sander mentioned, the flare location will be updated to the solar flare list when the NOAA SWPC publishes the info and we do try to automatically detect the location of strong solar flares. Here is an example of 2017 


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15 uren geleden, Drax Spacex zei:

Here's a whopper X17.2+ solar flare from the archives on this day (Oct 28) in 2003.  For this special event there was no doubt manual collection and collating of data from multiple sources to create this excellent composite video.


Thanks. Yes, we made videos like this for most of the X-class flares in the archive. This video uses SOHO EIT and LASCO footage.

Op 27/10/2020 om 22:24, helios zei:

You wouldn't need to save it on your server, they are accessible from the nasa server by a convenient file name format, for example:

But I don't know if it would load fast enough into the highcharts mouseover, or break the layout entirely 😁

Sander knows much more than me on this but I think this isn't easy to implement due to the dynamic URL names.

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