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New Spot number?

Dr. I

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Sunspot regions get numbered during the observation hours of the SWPC. Keep in mind the SWPC sometimes don’t assign a number if only one tiny spot is visible, if more spots emerged or if it grows it will sure be numbered. As for now, it was visible yesterday but wasn’t worth it as it’s a tiny dot, if it evolves it will be numbered. 

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12 hours ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

2778 is far more interesting then some tiny spots 🙃 getting bigger and more complex. Almost beta-gamma.

Very much so. Definitely the most interesting active region to track in the upcoming SC25, so far. I notice that you have upgraded it to DAI/beta-gamma. I concur with this, and if magnetic flux continues to develop, perhaps M-flares are possible. I am wondering how you decide on the classification? NOAA still have this as a DAI/beta at Z12:30 (in their "forecast discussion") and https://www.solen.info/solar/ have had this as a beta-gamma region for a couple of days now. Certainly feels like we are entering the next solar cycle now, and I'm looking forward to it!

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You can learn to classify sunspot regions yourself ;) the theory is in our help article (magnetic classifications of sunspots). The region developed now to a beta-gamma regions where you can’t draw a line between the two polarities making it a beta-gamma. Once a delta spot emerges, the chances for M-class flares will rise (an impulsive M-flare can’t be excluded now).

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