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Solar X-Ray flux


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I've been looking at the X-Ray flux for the past few days and I've noticed that it's all over the place. Now I know that we're slowly coming out of solar minimum slowly but surely. But all these fluctuations (using both this site and SWPC by NOAA). These fluctuations are below the A class range of flares/events and the lowest value being A0.1 which I don't think I've seen in my several months of being heavily invested in learning about the sun. GOES-16 has shown a steep drop starting around 22 June and it has kind of stabilized now. Is there any idea as to why this has been observed? 

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time span of flux
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It looks like its all over the place but the difference between A0,1 and A1 is actually not that much as the X-ray flux is on a logarithmic scale.

There was a small bright region which didn't had any spots in the north-east around 22 June that disappeared that could account for the slight drop in the X-ray flux.

A0,1 isn't that uncommon during solar minimum but we only see it now with the more sensitive sensor of GOES 16. The much less sensitive sensors on GOES 13, 14, 15 etc never went to values as low as A0,1.

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