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Solar Prominences


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Hey Guys! Long time no see :)


Today I want to talk about Solar Prominences.


Sdo Aia 304 shows a massive one on the south west today. Really pretty.


When Prominences erupt, do they reach us? I dont think so due to their placing on the limbs, right?


Have a great day!

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A yes that is indeed a very nice prominence. Prominences and filaments can erupt or collapse. Due to the fact that prominences are always located at the limbs it is impossible for them to reach us in case they erupt into space. Filaments on the other hand if they are located in an earth-facing position can reach Earth when they erupt. It is an infrequent occurrence but it can happen.

Minor detail: it is the south east limb. You need to think from the Sun's perspective! :D

Be sure to check out this help article for more information.

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