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GOES-17 images not updating; replacement found

Christopher S.

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Hello. The sources of the GOES-17 imagery used by the website here are sourcing the secondary images, last updated in September 2019. As found in the link below, there are primary images that are updated consistently. These are near the bottom(suvi-primary-xxx), just check the dates next to the links within:




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The primary images you are referring to are from GOES-16. We have the GOES-16 images (primary) already on the website, have had them since we made the GOES page. In fact, these GOES-16 images are used everywhere where GOES images are featured. The GOES-17 images are only used on the GOES page. GOES-17 is not officially operational yet so its no wonder these aren't updated but we still wanted to feature them on the GOES page in case they get updated again in the future.


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You are absolutely right, I had quite a brain fart and misinterpreted the page I was looking at. This is especially embarrassing as I had just done a good bit of reading about the history of the GOES satellites, so I should have realized that "primary" and "secondary" indicates the difference between GOES-16 and GOES-17, where typically the GOES-West products and instruments are backups of the GOES-East products and instruments(for redundancy).

Thank you for pointing this out, Marcel.

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