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Hello,  I am using the app on an iPhone 11 Pro and love everything about it. However, when viewing a data chart , graph or the Auroral oval map there doesn’t seem to be any way to zoom in so you can read some of the fine print.  When you tap on the image to get it to pop out from the page, it is exactly the same size as the original image and cannot be zoomed either. I’m not sure if Android users have this issue. Please advise if there’s another method to zoom.  Otherwise, this would be a great feature to add, especially for people with aging eyesight.  Keep up the great work!

Bob H in Michigan, USA

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Thank you for using the app and the feedback!

The 3 day and 1 day graphs are zoomable with "pinch to zoom", the small 2h graphs aren't because those contain less data. Some graphs now have some zoom buttons to zoom in on the dynamic graphs but you can still use "pinch to zoom" as well. Text doesn't size with it when zooming in, that's true. A future font-size increase could be implemented. 

Image popups are indeed not zoomable, we still have to figure a solution out for that (for example SDO images would be good if you can zoom in on those when tapping on them). I hope i can figure that out someday to get that working :-) 

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