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Ability to edit posts with 'Delete Post'


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The 'Delete Post' function seems to have gone missing.  It was a useful editing feature to quickly go back and clean up a post, when trying to compose intelligible posts without too much unintelligible gibberish.  Can you please restore that feature?  

I apologize, this question should have been placed in the 'Website news and support' section.  I unfortunately cannot delete it (due to the loss of the 'Delete Post' functionality). Please remove or move it appropriately.  Thanks.

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Deleting topics after a question was answered is not the way that function was ment for. That’s why it was disabled. 
you can always edit your post x minutes after posting. When writing your post, think what you’re writing to compose good posts and post when you think it’s good enough. The browser will save the text even if you haven’t posted it yet. 

only if posts doesn’t meet the forum guidelines the moderators will remove it. You can always report a topic so moderators can take a look if any action should be taken.

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5 hours ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

The browser will save the text even if you haven’t posted it yet. 

Except for the time when it doesn't work.  If you have ever labored many minutes/hours, and then for whatever reason (e.g., network hangup, computer crash, etc.) only to find-out the safeguards failed, you will better understand how and why I use the delete function (for deleting my posts in the clean-up process; users do not have the ability to delete someones else's post).  At one time, you had a "hide function".  That allowed one to repeatedly save their work in the process of editing, before posting; but unfortunately, the "hide" function did not seem to work (losing posts) and maybe that is why you removed that functionality.   One suggestion is to use some other editor and then copy and paste to your forum window, but that diminishes the ability to use, from the get-go in creating a post, the neat formatting features available in your editor.

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I am very sorry but the delete (and hide) function was used in the way it is not intended. We do not want perfectly good content to disappear as soon as a question was answered for example. Lot's of people find the forums and website trough Google or any other search engine. People can Google something and find an answer in a topic on this forum. I am sure that many new users who have been posting in your topics also found your topics trough Google. I am sorry it is inconvenient for you, that sucks to hear but I cant do anything about it. I even looked if there was a setting that allowed members to hide a topic at a maximum of xxx minutes after creating the topic but there is no such option. There is only an option to restrict members from editing a post until a maximum of xxx minutes after posting. If such a setting becomes available trough forum software updates I will install such a limit as that should accommodate your wish but at the moment there is no such function. Hope you understand our reasoning.

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