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Hi Guys. Today I have more than one Question. 

Im still new to Space Weather and it's science, so please dont get mad at me for asking "dumb" Questions or not understanding something.


My first Question is :

There was a stealthy CME on the 05 of January. Nasa updated their enlil, why didnt Noaa? They dont even mention it. (Its earth directed but impact will be minor)


question number 2:

I just saw this on Lasco C2. (pic attached) is this earth directed? It looks like it will miss to the west, but i have really big problems with reading lasco images. To this day, i still dont fully understand whats earth facing.

And if it is indeed,can you tell me if it will be minor or major?


I hope someone has the patience to guide me :)


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First answer:

not every CME is analysed by SWPC and thus their model wasn’t updated. They probably found it not notable enough but yet it had an impact. Not the first time that this happens. Bigger noteworthy CME events are always modelled. 

Answer two:

to see if a CME is Earth directed, it’s best to look at the difference images of Lasco and view the animated gif or movie to see it all moving. If the CME makes a circle that grows wider and wider in the image, it will be Earth directed (or in the opposite direction away from Earth for backside events). Partial halo CME’s can happen also where we the view is a bit different.

In the image below are a few examples with very strong CME's in a difference image. This to make it more easy to see what happens. The two top images are full halo CME's, the left one is towards Earth and the second was a backside event. The bottom left image is a partial halo CME, the bottom right is a close one where a flank of the CME might hit but could also miss us.


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