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On the Differential Rotation of the Sun


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H. Alfvén had a theory:

"If an ion cloud invades the magnetic field of the sun, a considerable part of the rotational moment of the sun can be transferred to the cloud within a reasonable length of time. ... The fact that the sun does rotate more slowly at high latitudes may indicate that a process of this kind is going on...

"If an electrically conducting magnetized body rotates, electrically charged particles in its environment will have a tendency to take part in the rotation.  

"If a number of charged particles, e.g., an ion cloud, is initially at rest in the neighborhood of the body, a system of currents is produced which accelerates the particles and retards the rotation of the body, thus equalizing their angular velocities.    ...this effect may be of importance in solar rotation." 

Source:  "Remarks on the Rotation of a Magnetized Sphere with Application to Solar Radiation" (PDF).

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