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"Something" is suppressing sunspots.


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  • "Something" is affecting solar magnetic field structure, such that less sunspots are being generated ("Say Goodbye to Sunspots?"), over a decadal-scale time period.
  • "Something" suppressed sunspot activity ~360 years ago (during the Maunder Minimum).
  • Planetary clocked positioning repeats every ~360 years (positioning comparison with Maunder Minimum is discussed in this thread).

Can we thus posit that planetary positioning is the "something" that is affecting the solar magnetic field structure which suppressed sunspot activity in SC24, and might possibly do so, at least to some extent, in SC25? 


Per the following graph (source), maybe the affect of "something's" suppressing affect on solar magnetic field structure has 'turned-the-corner' so to speak, and consequently, the suppressing affect in SC25 will not be as great as it was in SC24?


Above figure is from Leif Svalgaard's Research Page, (Livingston and Penn.png).

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