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Evolution of a "Stealthy CME"


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Below are images of the solar disk when it was facing earth 19-20 days earlier than the "puff" and "stealthy CME", showing the area(s) back then, from which they eventually manifested.


The images above show many bridged magnetic field Coronal Loops, from which 'stalks' can manifest from their top, or 'fast solar wind' adjacent to their bridge points down on the Photosphere.

712188531_Fig6_11_Coronal_Loops(1).gif.ee9bd400a67ae53a793a2a02a48674c5.gif(image source)


In the following STEREO-A imagery of the area(s) of interest, days prior to positioning for the "puff" and "stealthy CME", we can observe streamers, fast solar wind and stalks directed to the left, in the direction of Mars and Venus.  The animation covers the period Aug. 1 thru Aug. 12.  The intensity of matter blown to the left increases and then decreases from the beginning to the end of the animation; the highest intensity appears to be during Aug. 8 thru Aug. 10.



From here we read, "CMEs are frequently (but not always) associated with solar flares. These eruptions occur when large, looming coronal loops or filaments (gases trapped by magnetic fields, a bit like iron filings) are buffeted or disturbed in some way. This causes the whole loop system to become unstable, so the trapped material can burst free, dragging some of the magnetic field with it."

In conclusion, we posit:  As the areas of interest came around to the east solar side, they no longer had the strong magnetic connection experienced earlier with Venus and/or Mars, so gasses--previously being steadily released--instead built up under the coronal loop magnetic fields, to the point of an eventual more dynamic, spontaneous (explosive) release (i.e., ejection).

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It may have not been clear when I posted the last comment above, but I wish to make a distinction between two types of CME's.  One is associated with solar flares, whereas, the 'Stealthy CME' is not. 

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