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SORCE TSI Solar Minimum Analysis


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Data for the following graphs is the SORCE Total Solar Irradiance - Six Hour Average, Time Series. [Clicking on the graphs may provide a sharper image.] The data has been smoothed.




There is not enough historical data to draw any solid conclusions.  However, if indeed the 'Bremen Metric' (discussed in this thread and this thread) holds, then the following conclusions can be drawn for the 12-month window centered around the (tentative) SC24/25 Solar Minimum, when comparing to the SC23/24 Solar Minimum:

  1.  the TSI 'based' at a much higher level;
  2. the TSI did not get 'squelched' (squeezed down) as much (i.e, the windowed data had a much greater deviation from its average over the duration of the 12-month window period). 
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formatting; highlighted in both graphs the 12-month window being discussed.
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