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Coronal Hole Polarity & Planetary Magnetic Connection


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In this thread we assess the magnetic polarity of the large coronal hole currently facing earth.  We also posit the theory that magnetic connection from that coronal hole is, at least in part, currently being made with Mercury.

In the following figure, the PFFS lines illustrate the magnetic state of the sun on Jul 27, 2019 (magnetic polarity annotation has been added.)7-27-19.thumb.jpg.810b8ff3d0ad1fb21ed3d8fbb8bea7f3.jpg

We can see the coronal hole at the center of the solar disk that day principally had 'South-Pole' magnetic polarity, primarily connecting with either the North Pole or the coronal hole off to the east (not seen in the image to the left), and no magnetic connection is occurring between the South Pole and the coronal hole at the center of the solar disk.


The following figures illustrate the sun's magnetic state progressing forward in-time.

Below is Jul 29, 2019:


Below is Jul 31, 2019.  Notice the top-left equatorial coronal hole is sending some of its field lines out into space, rather than connecting with the North Pole.7-31-19.thumb.jpg.fb091f2623b1678ace6c664d091546ba.jpg 

Below is Aug 1, 2019.


Below is Aug 3, 2019.


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In the spaceweatherlive.com help section,  we read conventional mainstream science views of the sun as follows, "The dark and in a way almost empty looking areas are places where the magnetic field of the Sun reaches into space so that these hot gases can escape...these magnetic field lines stay open and stretch out into space. At the moment we do not yet know where they reconnect."

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I wish to now suggest the idea that some of the solar wind stream from the earth-facing coronal hole is being directed 'downward' toward Mercury, with the planet providing a magnetic connection for the coronal-magnetic-field-lines emitted out into space.

The following two images depict Mercury's solar system position on Jul 27 and Aug 3, and the third image depicts Mercury's current positioning below the ecliptic plane.




Here is STEREO-A's current position:  948428581_ScreenShot2019-08-03at11_46_10AM.thumb.png.618760956284cd4a7e0a37c1928007d1.png

And below is STEREO-A's view for July 27-Aug 3, 2019.  We see in the video that the solar wind directed to the right (in the direction of Earth and Mercury) picks up in density and velocity on July 30, and is primarily directed 'downward'.

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Considering their relative sizes, it might be hard to imagine that Mercury could have any influence whatsoever on the behavior of the sun, being strictly a passive recipient of whatever the sun chooses to dish out; for if the sun were the diameter of a basketball (9.51" diameter), Mercury (at 0.033" diameter) would be smaller than a mustard seed, or a little larger than the head of a straight-pin.  At those relative dimensions, Mercury, would be placed at an orbital distance of ~35 feet from the basketball.  However, consider Mercury is one small but important piece in a large orchestration of planetary clocking shaping the heliospheric current sheet. 

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