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Coronal Hole Occlusion


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Consider the possibility that a coronal hole is being occluded by magnetic field perturbation in the corona above it.  Possibly, this is happening in the mid-latitude coronal hole currently on the solar disk.  This theory is suggested in my video produced today titled:   "Coronal Hole Occlusion".


Funky Energy 'In-between' (Part 2), aka 'Coronal Hole Occlusion'

The magnetic fields occluding the coronal hole appear to be associated with the area between AR2741 & AR2740.


7-6 CHl0211.jpg

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We have had this "Coronal Hole Occlusion" going on for several Carrington Rotations.  It amounts to bridged magnetic fields (example depiction in video clip* below) over old active regions.  


Here is the state of the magnetic fields above that region today:


Does not this long-standing Active Region magnet-loop bridge in the Chromosphere Corona somewhat contradict the opening statement from this document (source),


...wherein we read in the opening statement "...the solar surface field is nearly dipolar"?

[*I'm having a trouble finding the source of the video clip, but I think it was attached to the Birkeland2nd twitter feed.]


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