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earth géomagnetism and solar activity relations

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Hello ! 

Could a solar storm (the biggest that can be) influence really badly the earth geomagnetism ? 

I am wondering (for Science Fiction purpose, I'm looking for suppositions more than proof, unless proof exist ^^ ) if a major solar storm, along with low geomagnetism activity period, could pertube enough the geomagnetism to reverse (totaly or partially : i'm juste interested on the chao it would be.) ? 

Do we have any clue if it could happen or not ? I've been looking for information for a few days, and it seems solar activity can indeed influence geomagnetism a bit. Up to what point ?

I suppose that if a solar storm was strong enought to unbalance the "machinery" of geomagnetism, it would get worse and worse after : more influence from smaller solar storm since the earth shield is fragmented, and so it goes until the earth magnetic field would be restored (inversed or not). 



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Solar activity causes geomagnetic storms. It does not cause a reversal of magnetic poles of the Earth. The stronger solar wind of a strong coronal mass ejection pushes the magnetic field lines of the Earth  inwards on the sunlit side. 

Please read our help section to learn more about solar storms and the effects they cause. 

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I've been taking a Static Compass I have set up and I have noticed Huge Compass movements, most recently 2 days ago my compass moved 38 degrees. I report to the USGS but no one knows why this happens and I have been noting a correlation with Earthquake disturbances and now this huge compass movement then there was the Power outage in NY. Strange things I can't explain.


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13 minutes ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

Was the compass far away from any electronic device and or magnets? These can influence the needle of the compass. If it was a digital compass, there is always interference of the device itself.

No intrusion of any outside source. It is a Static placed compass in the same place for a couple of years with nothing changing around it. Now that I have answered your questions maybe you can explain your direction towards outside influence disturbance affecting what I see instead of of being more curious about why it is happening, not a very Scientific approach to something unusual.

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