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Recent sunspot latitude is low, So they belong to SC24?


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There are a couple of active sunspot regions right now as of 3/20 /2019.  The region 2736 which just made a C4.8 flare is only @ North 9 degrees. 

Does this indicate that it's part of SC 24 or 25?  I thought they gradually migrate to the equator at the end of the cycle?

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The magnetic layout always tells to which solar cycle it belongs. A SC25 region can always be recognized due to it's opposite polarity. The latitude of SC24 regions are gradually going towards the equator but that doesn't mean that SC24 regions can still emerge on higher latitudes.

Here is the butterfly diagram up until February (source: Jan Janssens SC24 tracking page). As you can see the latitude is still spread across 20 degrees north and south.


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