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Coronal holes


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The earth facing coronal holes do seriously interfere with the broadband signal used for television.

And it seems to be possibly interacting/responding with/to our magnetic field, that has reduced in magnitude itself lately. 

Also it looks as if there is an increase of continuous, larger concentration of earth facing coronal holes. Outside of the chronic polar coronal holes.

I have been observing our sun with these tools since they became available. So correct me if I am mistaken, but, these "holes" aren't normal in the time frame in which we have been watching?

Is there a possibility that there is an outside influence on the sun that is the cause for them? 

Eletromagnatism is a resonance? Is a frequency? And interacts or interferes. Waves. Wouldn't that infer that if our planetary frequency changed it will affect the sun as well? 

We have had some of the deepest earthquakes on record lately as well. 


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