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Who appreciates this "Solar Quiet" the most?


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Are aurora watchers disappointed by the Sun's somewhat lackluster delivery of wind? And are scientists busying themselves with other things for the next long while?

Which fields of science or human development are most relieved when geomagnetic-interference becomes less prominent, such as right now?

Which fields are reliant on the concurrent activity of our Sun, and become temporarily retired or even at-risk of losing Government funding?

I'm sure the answer is a few google searches away but I'd rather someone shared their expertise here! In other words, I am asking you directly :D Maybe we can discuss this.

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22 hours ago, Nogar said:

The current investment in space weather is relatively low considering it's impact on earth compared to other fields, I wouldn't be afraid of that funding getting any lower. 

Wow, thanks for the slightly cynical post! But this is only scratching the surface of what I'm asking :( 

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There is still a lot of geomagnetic activity during minima. Fewer related to CMEs, but more from coronal holes, which are more prominent during minimum.



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