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Any SuperSID Monitor Users Here?

Marc Weeks

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I recently ordered a SuperSID Monitor from Stanford University (via the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers) which I will use to monitor for sudden ionospheric disturbances caused by solar flares.  I'm thinking that my timing was bad given the current solar minimum phase (and some rumors about it continuing much longer than it usually does), but I'm hoping to be able to use this site and others to compare my data with reports of solar flares.  Are any of you currently using (or have any of you ever used) the SuperSID Monitor?  I've attached the manual and an order form for it if anyone's interested.



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I have in the past. My SID receiver was of the second ver. it died over five years ago. I got some good data from it, but it was marginal from my location. I now use VLT-Tools as i found the past (current ?)  software fail when I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10.  I have found that you HAVE to have a good sound card with greater then 48K sample rate. Most laptops stop at 48k. I would say a good 96Kusb sound card will help a whole lot!! 

BTW the 1m loop antenna system that they include is great for any vlf work


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