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Historical parallel sunspot years

Geo Cosmos

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I wonder if it would possible to   start to regularly mention the "Same Number"  years. Like we are in a  Zero - or minimal - year and it would be fun to see that in 2008, and in 1954, 1933, 1912, and in 1878, 1865, 1855, 1823, 1810 and in 1798 and  in 1754  we also had a Zero Year. Of course we can look it up at the Archive: Historical Solar Cycles.  (It is just for fun: to look up the Wikipedia at those (monthly) dates or just to see them. Like who among the famous people has been born just in those  Zero years: (1798: Delacroix, 1810: Chopin, 1823: G. Moreau, 1855 Gillette, 1865: Alban Berg, 1878: Stalin, 1912: Antonioni, 1933: Susan Sontag, 1954: Travolta) 

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