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SpaceWeatherLive new and improved site

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SpaceWeatherLive is proud to present it’s brand new version of the website! For the last few months we’ve been very hard at work behind the scenes rewriting (literally) all of the pages to improve the whole website in many ways. Together with all the improvements in speed, code and a bunch of other stuff we also got a modernised look and feel for the whole site.

Another thing you’ll notice is that we have dropped the wing Kp in the alerts on the site as it’s pretty unreliable. As replacement we use observed Kp index of NOAA when threshold is reached. Another new site alert will be coronal holes, we’ve tweeted those for a long time but now it’s also displayed on the site. Our new coronal hole page is also finished and can be found under the solar activity menu. There’s a lot more to discover, we have made lots of small and bigger changes everywhere so browse around to discover them!

SpaceWeatherLive is now available in eight languages, thanks to the hard work of volunteers over the world that provided the translations. We now made it easier to translate our website and to maintain it. If you like to help out in improving a language or you want to provide a whole new language, contact us and we’ll get you going.

We still have some more ideas that we’re  working on that require some more time and testing but that’s for future updates.
As with all major updates, stuff can go wrong. If something is broke or isn’t displayed like it should, please let us know in the comments!

PS.: with all optimisations for a website for the future, we made some sacrifices like dropping support for ancient browsers (like IE8+9 and iOS<7).

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