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Aurora in Ontario, Canada


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Hello Guys,

I am looking for expert advices on Northern Lights Experience. I have few basic questions like , which months in the year are really good?And which place suitable in ONTARIO,Canada.

Please share your personal experiences about any place that you have been to Ontario , Canada.

My choice is a decent experience is good for me as can't drive too far away from Toronto. 

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Hello and welcome. I have no experience myself with the northern lights in Ontaria as I come from Europe, but some good rules to keep in mind are that you should try to avoid as much light pollution as possible and a new moon also helps a lot especially if the aurora is weak. The aurora is a bit more active in September and March (weeks around the equinoxes) but in theory they can be seen all year round as long as your skies are dark around midnight. Clouds are of course also a big problem.

Toronto is a bit to the south but your magnetic latitude is okay. If you take the above advice into account you should have a chance during minor G1 geomagnetic storm conditions. You are maybe in luck tonight as we are seeing some very decent solar wind stats at the moment but the moon is a big problem tonight.

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