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Sunspot region 2673

Marcel de Bont

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Solar activity has plunged to very low levels with the disappearance of sunspot region 2673.

What a week it was. Sunspot region 2673 grew from a simple Alpha sunspot to one of the most complex sunspot regions of Solar Cycle 24 in just 48 hours. It managed to produce a mind blowing 27 M-class solar flares and 4 X-class solar flares, including the strongest and second strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 24. To top it of, it even caused a severe G4 geomagnetic storm at Earth.

A sunspot region to remember for sure. We look back at this hectic week in our latest YouTube video where we look at the development of sunspot region 2673, the X-class solar flares and the M5.5 solar flare that launched a coronal mass ejection towards our planet. The video is full with never before seen footage so be sure to check it out!

Give the video a like and a share. If you have energy left than even a comment is very much welcome! Your engagement is very much appreciated. It took us a little while to make this video! Enjoy!


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