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Two days from the past..

Guest EI2KK

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Hi there..

I am interested more in radio aurora than visual one, but as both have the same basic origin I'm also looking for any corelation between visual and radio aspect.

I have some data for last 18 years, reports saying about radio aurora activity.

There are 2 days maybe you have any observation: 17 March 2015 and 15 July 2012 - both over 1000 reports, what about visual aurora?

If you have yor own data and you want to compare it to radio aurora reports some data is available on http://aurora.report/dxcyear/  (still working on it)


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We have a telnet 'robot' called dxcluster and any radio amateur and Short Wave Listener  can report there contact made or other station heard. There is also number of propagation beacons, some of them like the most famous in Europe SK4MPI have antennas pointed North or close to North. Reports (we call them 'spots') usually contain propagation mode.

Aurora propagation is very easy to recognize, there is an example how does it sound like:



You can see aurora propagation spots/reports for last two hours at the bottom of http://aurora.report/ of course if there are any ;) 

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