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Suggestion: Searchable Data Plots?


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A suggestion for the data plots (flare, proton, wind, etc.):  Make then searchable?!

Right now, under (e.g.) the “Solar activity past two hours” plot [which is just a measly two hours! P=( ], you have a “More data” link that clicks to SWPCʼs 3-day X-ray flux gif image.

Why not create a searchable date-time range, so someone could see a day or weekʼs plot from, say, 2 months or 5 years ago?

If server resource time is an issue in the creation, just limit the time span to a day or week (or whatever is resource reasonable).

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Guest Engelsman Finland

Hi... I like the 1 day plot. Could you use that on more data? It would be easier to see what's going on with a storm whether it's arriving or fading out. Keep up the great work!

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Ah, okay!

But why not use that for the “More data” links, and on that page link to the SWPC plot image links?

Also, isnʼt there a (14 day searchable) proton plot?

On 4/21/2016 at 11:26 AM, Marcel de Bont said:

This isn't really my area but I do not think this is possible for us unless you know a source where we could get this detailed data from.


What about SWPCʼs lists archive?  For example, 15.MY09 X-Ray flux.

Isnʼt there an automated way to extract the time and “Long” data columns from the page?

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Thank You for posting these suggestions for improvements. I really like the idea of replacing the almost unreadable "more data" image of SWPC

For the -1 day plots, I'm looking into this. We've made a little test and will try to play with it somewhere in the next days. I won't promise anything but I'm looking into it.

For historical data, our short archive contains now the last 60 days but we'll look to improve that page more but we're still thinking on that part. It could be if the previous works good that we'll merge those two together and link the "more data" link to it. 

I'll update once I have more updates ;) 

Quick late night update:

We made some huge background changes to try implementing things into our archive, the short archive is already updated with some improvements to the graphs (did you know you can zoom in on the graph?;) try it :) ). Now that background work is done we'll look for displaying some of it :) but now i'll catch some sleep.

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We have merged our short archive into our big archive, this will make it easier to browse data and dig deeper into the data. Of the recent data images are replaced by a detailed interactive graph like the ones on our main page. Zooming is possible to look closer to the data, just pinch and zoom on your smartphone or mouse select the area you want to zoom into. Our quick nave has been improved so browsing particular data is easier.

We hope you like the improvements we've made :) we are still busy on working out an other requested feature so i'll keep you updated.

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