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Understanding magnetometers


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Hi guys, I've been reading many topics about magnetometers as a good indicador for aurora activity.


 I've been checking Kiruna and Tromsø  magnetometer, but I have no clue of what that information means, there are 3 lines, red, blue and green, reaching diferentes values... 

When is low, moderate or strong geomagnetic activity according to those values and what kind of info each line give us?


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For Kiruna we look at the black line (X-component)

Scroll all the way down here to see how Kiruna classifies their K-scale: https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/help/the-kiruna-magnetometer

You take the highest and lowest X-value of today. Calculate the difference in nT and convert that to the K-indice for Kiruna with the table in the article I just linked to.

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