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Difference between 2 forecast on K-indices?


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Diference is that the second one contains the predicted global K-indice and the first K-indice forecast of a given mid- low or high latitude. I suggest you read in our help section what the K-indice is and then you'll know why it is like that.


For NE Trade Wind zone, if I prefer more specific forecast closed to my region, should I select K-indice forecast of a mid-low latitude? which would be better, would it be correct?


Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you very much for any suggestions :>


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For local forecast you'll need to know the magnetic latitude of the observer. From that we can derive the K-indice that corresponds to that location. 

That's when magnetometers come in place. These instruments measures the influences and can give a K-indice based on the readings. Many use the SAM magnetometer for that.

Also read our help section to know in what latitude you are (low, middle, high)

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