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Why are the largest flares occurring at the limb?

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An X50 flare on 1991/06/01, an X45 flare on 2003/11/04, an X30 flare on 1989/08/16, an X28.5 flare on 2001/04/02, an X24.4 flare on 2005/09/07, an X21.5 flare on 1989/03/06, an X20.7 flare on 2001/04/15, an X13 flare on 1997/11/06, and an X11.8 flare on 2017/09/10, occur on or close to the limb.

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Say 65 to 105 and -65 to -105 degrees from a fixed point is the limb. In total that is 80 degrees. 130 degrees would be in the center. If you push that to the 1997/11/06 flare, the limb would be 100 degrees and center would be 110 degrees, making the center-disk and limb almost even.

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Recently (June 23, 2024), there was an M9.36 flare (shy of X1) that occurred at the limb, which was produced by 13723 (β-γ-δ) which was newly numbered then.

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