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CME Imagery isn't updating since May 3rd.

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3 minutes ago, Sieffre Involution said:

Ty, does this mean the image sync on this website hasn't refreshed? Like a API module needs a refresh or something? 

I don’t know more than it says there sadly. I think it needs updating for public but they’re receiving data

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1 minute ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

SIDC hasn’t updated the coronagraph imagery and detections since May 3rd

Yeah but in NOAAs forecast discussion they mention they got backfilled data. 

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1 hour ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

That’s NOAA SWPC, not SIDC. Likely SIDC need to do adjustments to get it back running

But if Noaa has Lasco data, how can SIDC not have data? If noaa has the data, why are they not updating their website? Or is it a technical thing on SIDC end?

on SIDC website i dont even find SOHO under "instruments"

im confused.

 one of the stronger flares of the solar cycle so far. No radio
sweeps were observed with the event but a CME signature was observed in
subsequent coronagraph imagery beginning at 06/0712 UTC in SOHO/LASCO C2
imagery. The CME appeared to be narrow and oriented far northward.
Analysis and modeling of the event is ongoing.



this is from the newest forecast discussion. they seem to have imagery to model and observe, i generally understood that they use the same resources as we do, so i dont understand how they can have imagery and the websites are all not updated.

my guess : they have their own internal feeds that are somehow updating.

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