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Minor glitch with utc timestamp

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I opened the app and it wasn’t loading the aurora data page for some reason, so I swiped down to reload the page. After doing so, I somehow managed to glitch the UTC timestamp. 
When I scrolled the page, the timestamp scrolled with it, like it’s not supposed to. Every time I stopped scrolling, it jumped back to the proper place, but left a clone of it at the spot it stoped. It fixed itself when I left the app and came back (without closing it). Pretty minor and fixed easily, but just thought I’d mention it. A bit amusing. 



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You're officially the second one that had this 🙂 unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce it so that makes it hard for us to dig deep into it. Must be something in the rendering engine of the device that flips when the time is updated and doesn't know where it was. 

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It’s happening to me too, but only once per second. It mostly happens after I hit the home button in the app. If I click a ‘more data’ button and then the ‘back’ button the issue doesn’t seem to happen.


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We have a few reports now of this and we think it might be happening when the GPU needs to perform more work as the graphs are a bit more resource heavy and that triggers the UTC time to start floating off. We haven't been able to reproduce it on our test devices and in the field so it's a bit grasping in the dark for us but we'll look if we can optimize it a bit.

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