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X2.5 Flare

Kayla Bisson

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...boy oh boy...

...and again on the departing limb...

...this is not normal anymore...

...it is so frustrating to have no earth directed bangs anymore like last cycles...

...it is really a bad cycle...

...i fear it won't be the last disappointment this cycle...

...I should play the swiss lottery now... (chances are 1 to 31 Million for CHF 50 Million, so chances maybe bigger than an earth directed "big bang")

Sadly, Chris 😭

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i dont really know in which of the 3 topics regarding this region and flare/cme to ask this lol but is there an earth-glancing part of the CME now or not? Solarham mentioned there could be an earth directed component but that was until all lasco data was there i think. since then i have not read an update. @Jesterface23 do you perhaps already looked at it? :)  Otherwise, good weekend to everyone. 

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It's going to be tough to see if there's any Earth-directed ejecta since there was already a lot of CME noise around the sun on C2/C3 before the X2.5 popped off.


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