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What is this SDO image?

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1 minute ago, Orneno said:

I’ve never seen it either. My only guess is it looks kinda similar to the “far side” images. That could be completely off though. 


its a full 360 image covering the whole surface of the sun though

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really bad grammar
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2 hours ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

Never seen it though, what is the source? This way we can see how it’s made. For example in the past we had GONG farside maps based on seismic signature of magnetic activity of the far side.

It’s on the SDO website 

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37 minuten geleden, farm24 zei:

It’s on the SDO website 

Okay then it’s simple 😉 it’s the current Magnetogram combined with a synoptic map of the far side based on previous rotation.

The full definition is as follows:

Synoptic charts are maps of the entire Sun produced in Carrington coordinates. Synoptic maps are constructed by merging together solar observations taken over many days. Magnetic-field synoptic charts are produced using central meridian data from HMI full-disk magnetograms.

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