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Electrostatics of suns corona and outside influences

solar investigator

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It has been noted by some, regarding correlations of sun diving comets and shortly after CMEs. Let me explain my hypothesis of why this may actually be true... the suns corona is a region of highly charged gas and vapor likely exceeding trillion volts in potential difference. When a mass approaches the corona it vaporises into dust and vapor that would have far much greater surface area than before it vaporises. Due to gravity pulling the vapor/dust over the corona like a thin sheet of material spanning 1000s times greater than surface area of initial body.. why does this matter? Electrostatic repulsion. Any outside body approaching the sun due to solar wibd will have same charge and also very similar voltages. So once vaporised it would cause a huge surface area sheet of vapor trying to repel away from the corona. But it cant due to gravity. This likely causes a disturbed force equilibrium in the corona down to the surface of the sun. Possibly promting a sneeze affect i.e enhanced CME activity or even enhanced sun spot development. I would even go so far as to suggest. That the 11 year cycles themselves are prompted by cycles of extra dust and vapor and debris fields encountering the sun. It seems hardly any scientists pay attention to the electrostatic side of thing's.  And only magnetism or gravity...

Also from my own obervation i have noticed pops and fizzles and CMES/flares comes in clusters after a couple weeks of lull. I believe the clustering occurs due to accumulation of repulsive dust and vapors over a span of a week or two that then causes enhanced "sneezing" activity from the corona.  This cycle seems to re occur over week timespans

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