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Filament Lift Off 2021-08-28

Drax Spacex

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Well spotted. Yes it would indeed be visible if ejecta managed to escape the Sun's gravity. I do however not see a CME on SOHO/LASCO which could come from this filament eruption so I think most if not all of the ejecta fell back onto the Sun's surface. There is a CME visible heading west but that must have been from a limb or far side event.


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Today's SWPC Forecast Discussion does include mention of this filament as a possible contributor to elevated storm levels on Thursday.

"G2 (Moderate) storm levels are forecast for 02 Sep due to the anticipated arrival of the 28 Aug CME combined with a CME from a filament that disappeared from near center meridian at around 1800 UTC on 28 Aug."

Presumably there's some uncertainty about whether this disappearing solar filament (DSF) collapsed or erupted.  I suppose if it was a narrow eruption and directly aimed at Earth, it could be rendered invisible in LASCO imagery, confined within the blacked-out central area.  I believe in Stereo COR2 there was a narrow wisp of an eruption visible near the equatorial plane - that may be what SWPC saw and why they included it in their forecast discussion.


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On 8/31/2021 at 1:03 PM, Marcel de Bont said:

To be honest I did relook at SOHO/LASCO and only see the M4.7 CME. Yes that CME could have an earth-directed component but it is unimpressive I doubt it will make much of an impact. The filament CME is unnoticeable to me so the G2 forecast surprises me.

And you were right!

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