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sunspot 2835 do you have deltas points?

Isatsuki San

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36 minutes ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

No parece que actualmente tenga puntos delta. Pero es una buena evolución y quién sabe qué pasará en los próximos días ...

It is true it will be quite interesting you know the evolution of this sun spot in the next few days it could even decompose or evolve to gamma betta, or I do not know if it is already gamma betta

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From the latest image of sunspot 2835, I think there are 3 potential delta spots. A magnetogram has been inserted for reference. Currently, this sunspot saw significant development. The area has widely expanded, with a huge pneumbra Yet, this region seemed to be quite calm since this morning, producing much fewer flares than expected. Why is this the case?1427880856_Screenshot(2)-min.thumb.jpg.448ca1e6502b55c5077d8a1f39e39647.jpgspacer.png

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26 minutes ago, abc said:

so it is beat-gamma-delta?

From what I understood for now, it is not a gamma delta betta yet, it is only a possible delta point that can be formed there, for me a weak delta point is going to form I still don't understand the sun, but from what it meant to me, it is not yet a delta point, it needs to develop

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13 minutes ago, Vancanneyt Sander said:

La clasificación actual es beta-delta. Ya no es beta-gamma, ya que sigue siendo fácil trazar una línea entre las dos polaridades. Hay un punto delta en el área penumbral del punto principal, por lo que su clasificación es beta-delta.

What does it take, to be gamma-beta-delta?

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1 uur terug, Isatsuki San zei:

What does it take, to be gamma-beta-delta?

Like I said: 

to have beta, you need at least two spots one positive and one negative (bipolar)

to have gamma classification, you can’t easily draw a line between the two polarities of the region. 

To have a delta, there must be a spot of the opposite polarity in the penumbral area of a spot.

those are the basic rules and they are combined to get the magnetic classification of beta-gamma-delta. In the case of 2835 it’s only beta-delta because of the lack of gamma 

more information and combinations see the help section “the magnetic classification of sunspot regions”

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8 minuten geleden, daniel anderson zei:

Then how come it has a delta sunpsot?

because sunspots constantly evolve, spots come and go and with some regions delta spots can emerge. 
This region is beta-delta, but the magnetic complexity is still rather simple (so it's not beta-gamma-delta), so not much activity is expected as the delta spot itself is on the border of the penumbral area which isn't enough to bring the tension to a higher level and cause bigger flares.

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